Fishing and Sealife : You live direct connected to the lake Vällen which source is from the big lake Mjösa in Norway. You can with our boats and Kayacs get 15 km upstreams and with a kayak even longer .If you wish we can supply you with maps or guide you on boat or kayak-trips

Acsess to Rowingboat is a part of the rent and we have some boat-engines and fishing Equipment to rent.

Trout-fishing in streaming water, fishing in put&take-water  is available closeby us..  The acsess of Bass and Pike is good in the lake.

Bad: Our lawn reach down to our  own bathplace with a bridge, fireplace/barbeque and of course our very cozy Sauna.

 About 250 meter away there is a bigger, public bath-place  with facilitys like fotballfield, locker-room a little cafè etc. Several nice places for bath is in the neighborhood and with bad weather there are not far to indoor swimmingpools in  Torsby (60km) ,Arvika (47km) and  Kongsvinger ,Norway( ca 45km)

Hikings/ walkabout in forest : We can give you suggestions and maps for hikings and nice Walking trails. Ás exemlpe we have a nice trail called "Finnskogsleden" passing by us , just 2 km away. We can arrage to give you a lift with car  out or pick you up afterwords , just as we agree.    


Our proximitys to large forest areas with many smaller forest-roads makes it very exiting to take the car out for a wild animal spotting in the evenings or morning. We can supply you with maps where to go or we can after agreeement give you a guided tour.  

Shopping:  If there should be a day with bad weather i could be appropriate to visit the big shopping-centras in Charlottenberg (15km) which is one of the biggest bordershoppingcentras inSweden with lots of stores ,restaurants and cafès.

If you want a real big city pulse , you can easy take a day-trip to Oslo (120km)

Further activitys 

Hunting : You  have the possibility to buy day-licence for hunting  red deer ,deer. fox, hare and different kind of forset birds. We have acsess to an about 5000 Acres big forest area in our absolute proximity. The area have a well developed forest-road net , which makes it easy to acsess.  

Other emamples of activitys are:  : Golf  Noresunds golftrack (ca 30 km ) , downhill skiing   Valfjället  (ca 20 km) etc etc

And lots of other tourist attractions, excurions etc. .